What You Can Do To Keep Wasps Away From Your Home

Wasps, as well as most species of animals, hibernate during the winter.

Nests are sometimes built on the porch or in the back garden to provide shelter from the elements. Our porches and gardens become our homes during the warmer months, so an impending threat can put a damper on our summer oasis. You can make your home unattractive to wasps in order to prevent a nest from forming.

Below are 5 suggestions on how to keep wasps from gathering around your home.

1. Clean your bins and cover your food

Areas around bins and other areas where scents and treats are left, wasps are inclined to explore them. Keeping your bins clean and away from the windows will prevent your home from becoming the next port of call.

As well as keeping sweet drinks, cakes, and biscuits away from your windows, it is best to keep all other food and beverages away. Sugary snacks are wasps’ favourite food. Party guests should have their sweet snacks covered if the party is outside.

2. Grow plants that smell strongly

Fresh mint, tomato stems, cloves, and ground coffee, for instance, have a strong scent that keeps wasps away.

Fresh mint can be planted around your garden as an effective way to control weeds and also deters wasps. It will also emit a lovely minty scent when it is placed in a window box, to keep your home smelling fresh.

3. Try not to grow brightly coloured plants in your garden

When you have a high number of wasps in your garden, you might have to consider toning down the colours of the flowers. If maintaining a wasp-free garden is important to you, you may want to remove brightly coloured flowers.

4. Sprinkling a little peppermint oil

Peppermint oil is also highly effective at warding off wasps, since they don’t like the smell of fresh mint. Cotton balls or tissues soaked in a few drops of oil can be placed throughout the garden, and around any decks, sheds, gutters, or any other areas where wasps congregate.

5. Offer something sweet as a distraction

If you’re having a party in your garden you could plant a glass of orange juice at a far corner to attract the wasps in an area away from where the guests are congregating. Ripe fruit will also work well.

Due to their aggressive nature, wasp nest removal is not always a do-it-yourself job. You could end up getting attacked if you try to knock down the nest yourself. Professionals should handle wasp infestations, such as nest removals.

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