Natural Ant Deterrents for Your Home

If you know the available methods, you can often deal with ant invasions yourself

Using some of these natural deterrents can help get rid of an ant infestation without having to call out a pest control company, although if you’re not confident to try these yourself or want to ensure the problem is dealt with properly, get in touch with the experts.

Boric Acid

Ants can be effectively eliminated with boric acid. All that’s required is mixing it with sugar or sucrose. This mixture attracts the ants, who will return it to the queen ant to eat.

Follow these steps:

– To combine sugar/syrup with boric acid, use a 1:3 ratio.
– Prepare a syrup-like paste by stirring in 1.5 parts hot water.
– This mixture should be placed near an ant colony.
– If the ants still appear, repeat the process until they disappear.
– The exoskeletons and internal organs of ants are severely damaged by boric acid. If they eat it, they will die very quickly.


Despite their inability to kill the queen, lemons are a powerful deterrent. Lemons can be used to make the colony move.

How to do it:

– Squeeze the juices out of a lemon into every possible ant entrance
– Each entrance should be adorned with lemon peel bits
– Until there are no longer any ants on the peels, replace them daily
– Ants dislike the smell of citrus, so this works because they avoid it. As a result of the citric acids, the ants lose their way when they follow their scent trails.

White vinegar

Ants can be effectively killed with white vinegar. It is good to use it undiluted, but you can dilute it if the smell is too strong. It will still work to repel insects.

How to use it:

– Combine white vinegar and water in a 1:1 ratio
– This mixture should be placed in a clean spray bottle.
– It is recommended that the nest entries, floor, worktops, and skirting boards be sprayed.
– After approximately 30-45 minutes, clean up any dead ants.
– Repeat until there are no more ants
– An ant’s death is immediate when it comes in contact with undiluted white vinegar. The smell of dilute vinegar and its ability to remove scent trails make it a powerful deterrent.

You can manage an ant infestation yourself by following these helpful tips. If the problem gets out of hand, you just want a professional to handle it right away!

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