when do wasps die pest control bournemouth

When Do Wasps Die?

Wasps love to make their presence known during the early summer and live through to the autumn. As we enjoy the summer sunshine, wasps are busy searching for food, which makes them a nuisance and sometimes a danger to those …

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where do wasps go in winter pest control bournemouth

How Do Wasps Survive The Winter?

Wasps are a common sight in summertime, but by wintertime there are no wasps to be found. Many people will be happy about this, as they can be very irritating, and sometimes dangerous to those allergic to their sting. However, …

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why wasps kill bees

Why Wasps Kill Bees

Wasps are notoriously aggressive insects when provoked; not only are humans the target, but bees have to be careful too. Bees appear to be scarier than wasps due to their bigger size; therefore, we assume wasps are afraid of bees. …

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how to remove a wasp nest

How To Safely Remove a Wasp Nest

With a quick google search, you’ll discover a myriad of ways to remove a wasp nest. Everything from setting them on fire, throwing water, or hitting it with a baseball bat. These suggestions are dangerous, as wasps are very aggressive …

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how to deal with wasps

How To Deal With Wasps

A wasp infestation can be very distressing, and take away the fun of being outdoors during the summer. One nest can house thousands of wasps at one time, making it difficult to relax with so many wasps flying around you. …

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natural ant deterrents for your home bournemouth

Natural Ant Deterrents for Your Home

If you know the available methods, you can often deal with ant invasions yourself Using some of these natural deterrents can help get rid of an ant infestation without having to call out a pest control company, although if you’re …

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