How To Protect Yourself From Summer Bugs

It’s that time of year when school’s finished and summer holidays begin.

If you’re planning to enjoy the UK summer weather, you’re probably already familiar with outdoor pests such as wasps, bees, and ants. But to ensure you’re well prepared and protected against summertime bugs, here are 5 top tips.

Avoid wearing scented products

Of course, you want to wear your best fragrance when gathering with friends and family at the garden party. However, fragrances attract insects such as wasps and bees searching for sweet and sugary substances to feed on. Always use unscented sunscreens, hair treatments, body sprays, and lotions if you don’t want to be pestered by insects.

Wear proper clothing

If you’re trekking in an area with tall grass and lots of bushes, wear long pants, socks, and hiking boots to avoid being bitten by insects such as ticks. You can also wear a brimmed hat to protect your face and neck from the sun. Insect repellent is a good idea, but always shower afterwards and check for ticks or other bugs that may have attached themselves to your body.

If you’re walking, or playing on grassy areas, cover your feet with shoes or sandals to avoid bees that fly low on the ground.
Keep your house clean and tidy

Summer bugs aren’t only a nuisance outdoors, but inside your home is another place where bugs like to hang out. Clean spillages immediately and ensure bin bags are tightly sealed and placed inside a bin with a lid. Ants, rats, cockroaches, and spiders, will take advantage of an unclean house and it’s best not to invite them in. Also cleaning your carpets regularly will reduce the chances of fleas infesting your home, posing a threat to the health of your pets.

Check your screens

Before opening all of your windows and doors, ensure that bug screens are in good condition. Look for any gaps around the edges where the screens meet the window frame and patch up any holes.

Call a pest controller for advice

By taking the above precautions you can protect both your body and home from the usual summertime pests.

If you notice a high presence of wasps, bees, ants, or rodents in or around your property, call an expert to help assess the situation. Tackling the problem on your own may not be as safe and effective as what a professional pest controller has to offer.


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