when do wasps die pest control bournemouth

When Do Wasps Die?

Wasps love to make their presence known during the early summer and live through to the autumn. As we enjoy the summer sunshine, wasps are busy searching for food, which makes them a nuisance and sometimes a danger to those ...

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where do wasps go in winter pest control bournemouth

How Do Wasps Survive The Winter?

Wasps are a common sight in summertime, but by wintertime there are no wasps to be found. Many people will be happy about this, as they can be very irritating, and sometimes dangerous to those allergic to their sting. However, ...

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why wasps kill bees

Why Wasps Kill Bees

Wasps are notoriously aggressive insects when provoked; not only are humans the target, but bees have to be careful too. Bees appear to be scarier than wasps due to their bigger size; therefore, we assume wasps are afraid of bees. ...

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why you find wasps in loft but no nest

Why Do You Find Wasps in Your Loft, But No Nest

Wasps need sheltered spaces to build their nests, and roof spaces are a common place to find them. Whether it’s the gutter line or under roof tiles, a wasp nest can be situated a little too close for comfort for ...

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how to remove a wasp nest

How To Safely Remove a Wasp Nest

With a quick google search, you’ll discover a myriad of ways to remove a wasp nest. Everything from setting them on fire, throwing water, or hitting it with a baseball bat. These suggestions are dangerous, as wasps are very aggressive ...

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how to deal with wasps

How To Deal With Wasps

A wasp infestation can be very distressing, and take away the fun of being outdoors during the summer. One nest can house thousands of wasps at one time, making it difficult to relax with so many wasps flying around you. ...

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foods that ants are attracted to bournemouth

Getting Rid Of Ants – 3 Foods They Love

One of the most dreaded pests throughout the world has always been ants. From the garden to the jar on the kitchen counter, you might see them everywhere. If you see ants all over your house, you may may need ...

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how to deter wasps from home and garden bournemouth

What You Can Do To Keep Wasps Away From Your Home

Wasps, as well as most species of animals, hibernate during the winter. Nests are sometimes built on the porch or in the back garden to provide shelter from the elements. Our porches and gardens become our homes during the warmer ...

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natural ant deterrents for your home bournemouth

Natural Ant Deterrents for Your Home

If you know the available methods, you can often deal with ant invasions yourself Using some of these natural deterrents can help get rid of an ant infestation without having to call out a pest control company, although if you’re ...

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tips to keep bed bugs out the home bournemouth

9 Tips To Help Keep Bed Bugs Away

Households and businesses can be affected by bed bugs across the nation, when the right conditions exist for them to live and breed in. It is possible to prevent bed bugs from entering your home through several methods, but it ...

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how to keep house pest free winter bournemouth

What Can You Do To Keep Your Home Pest-Free This Winter

A warm home becomes a haven not only for you and your family during the cold winter months but also for all living creatures nearby. If your home has any openings or crevices through which these creatures can enter, any ...

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squirrels what makes them a pest bournemouth

Squirrels – What Makes Them A Pest?

Although squirrels are cute and cuddly looking, they can cause various problems, such as transmitting diseases. To raise their young in the best conditions they try to find warmth, shelter, and food. Your home will often be the best place ...

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pests that are resistant to pesticides in bournemouth

Pests That Have Developed Immunity To Pesticides

Nowadays, pesticides are commonly used for a variety of reasons. Crops can be enhanced, and home pest infestations can also be controlled. As pesticides and insecticides are used repeatedly with the same mode of action, pests can develop resistance. Here ...

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mouse proofing your home why important

A Mouse-Proof Home Is More Important Than Ever

Most people consider mice to be less harmful than rats when it comes to rodents. But that is not necessarily true. It’s important to understand the risks they pose and how to proof your home to help keep them out. ...

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live rat traps pest control for rats bournemouth

The Benefits Of Using Live Rat Traps

Getting rid of rat infestations is a common job for pest controllers, and there are different methods to accomplish this, some more humane than others. Since they eliminate rats without killing them, live rat traps have become increasingly popular in ...

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where do squirrels go in winter pest removal expert bournemouth

Where Do Squirrels Go In Winter, And What Do They Do?

Recent weeks have seen a lot of squirrel activity. Just as we are preparing for colder weather, squirrels are as well. Grey squirrels sleep in a tree nest during the winter and only venture out in the mornings and evenings. ...

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springtime is coming increase in black ants bournemouth

Springtime is coming, so you can expect to see more black ants

With springtime coming, we prepare for the annual ant spike we experience each year, when hibernating ants emerge from their nests to search for food. The black ant, also called the garden ant, is the most common ant in the ...

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plumbing leaks that can lead to pest infestations in bournemouth

Pest infestations can by caused by these plumbing leaks

Since crawl spaces and unfinished basements are moist, it is common to find insects and rodents in these areas. Pests that enjoy moist areas include mice, rats, cockroaches, booklice, ants, cockroaches, and other insects. The following are a few key ...

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