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Ant Control Bournemouth, Dorset and Hampshire

Pest Control for Ants in Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, Wimborne, Wareham, Ferndown, Highcliffe, and across Dorset and Hampshire.

Luckily the UK is not a habitable place for many kinds of ants that other countries have to deal with, and the most common species found here are Black Ants or Garden Ants.

They don't pose much of a risk in terms of spreading disease but it is definitely unhygienic to allow them access to food storage or preparation areas, which is why they must be kept away.

They have a very efficient sense of smell and are attracted heavily to sweet things, so it's best to keep sugary foods well sealed so that the ants don't pick up on the smell.

It's quite easy to establish where the ants are coming from due to the way they march around in unison forming long trails. By following the ants and identifying where they are coming from, their colony can be eliminated with the appropriate DIY tools. Insecticide bait can also be effective as the ants eat this and then travel back to the colony with the insecticide, destroying the colony.

If ants are bothering you and you can't deal with them on your own, call the experts out.

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