How To Keep Ants Out Of The Kitchen

Ants are a nuisance, particularly during warmer months, but they can present themselves at any time of year

They love warmth, moisture, and food; therefore, your kitchen is their favourite hang-out.

So, apart from regular kitchen cleaning, what can you do to prevent ants from invading your kitchen?

Here are our top tips:

1) Keep food tightly sealed

Storing food in air-tight containers is a great way to prevent ants from entering when you’re not around.

2) Wash worktops frequently

It’s hard to keep a kitchen spotless; however, removing any sticky mess on worktops is vital. Little spillages of marmalade, jam, or honey are the perfect food for ants. So wipe down worktops regularly and scoop up any crumbs.

3) Dispose of waste properly

Your worktops aren’t the only places to keep clean and tidy. Where you place your rubbish is another area where ants will congregate. So ensure your rubbish bags are strong and tightly sealed. Always use a bin with a lid for extra protection.

4) Make your own ant repellent

If you want to get creative, specific ingredients, such as vinegar, peppermint oil and cinnamon powder, will repel ants. After eating, spray your worktops with a diluted bottle of water and vinegar (half and half) or with drops of peppermint oil. Spray your worktop after eating.

5) Remove stagnant water

If water spills on your worktop, don’t leave it to dry. Always clean spillages and dry dishes after washing.

If you have an ant infestation and these methods aren’t working, it’s time to call an expert. Get in touch with us and we’ll help find the root of the issue and eliminate the problem fast and efficiently.


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