Getting Rid Of Ants – 3 Foods They Love

One of the most dreaded pests throughout the world has always been ants.

From the garden to the jar on the kitchen counter, you might see them everywhere. If you see ants all over your house, you may may need to get in touch with a pest control company, or you can try and get rid of them yourself first.

Is there a food that attracts ants?

Have you ever wondered why ants seem to be obsessed with sweets? In a kitchen that has become a haven for ants, leaving a cookie on the counter is a sure way to get them to find it.

Why do ants seem to have a collective sweet tooth? Well they don’t have teeth, but their chemical sensory aids help them choose the foods that they love most.

Try this experiment yourself

Placing several types of food in separate, flat container lids can help you understand the eating habits of ants. Inscribe the type of food on each lid using a permanent marker. You should include the following three types:

– Fruit juice, brown sugar, or candy
– Dairy, cheese, and meat provide proteins
– Crackers, or rice / pasta

Fill a shallow lid with a small amount of a variety of foods every day for a week. It’s up to you whether or not to use more than one food from each group. At least one from each group should be included. Each lid should also have approximately the same amount of food. Put all the lids together in a small area where ants can access them.

It will be important to watch the food very carefully after you place it in the lids outside. To keep up with what’s happening, you should check every couple of hours.

Foods that attract ants

You take care when eating and storing the following three foods because they are favourites of ants.

1. Beer

Beer is a hot favourite among ants since they love sweet foods. Make sure you don’t spill beer on your floor during a party at your place. If you do, mop the floor well the next morning, or you may find an army of ants on your doorstep.

2. Peanut butter

Ants are attracted to both the taste and smell of peanut butter. To keep peanut butter on the shelf, put a lid on it after using it.

3. Pet food

Kitchen cabinets should be used to store pet food, not left out. Ants are attracted to the smell.

It is imperative to remove the things that ants are attracted to before resorting to contacting a pest control company. Even so, such services are often necessary to fix the problem for good.

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