Why Do You Find Wasps in Your Loft, But No Nest

Wasps need sheltered spaces to build their nests, and roof spaces are a common place to find them.

Whether it’s the gutter line or under roof tiles, a wasp nest can be situated a little too close for comfort for many people.

The tell-tale sign of a wasp nest on your property is noticing more wasps than usual around your property. There may be no nest on your property, but wasps are still attracted to your property.

Here are some reasons why:

1) The nest is located outside of your property

Wasps may be nesting elsewhere but fly into your property in search of food. You should explore your surrounding area to ascertain where they are heading to, or coming from. Trees are common areas where wasps build nests, and sometimes it’s a neighbour’s house that is unsuspectingly hosting the wasps.

2) The nest is hidden

Sometimes it’s not so obvious where wasps are dwelling. Other common areas are sheds and garages, inside lofts, wall cavities, bird boxes, or holes in the ground. They may have found a home within your home, exploiting quiet rooms, or even wardrobes. In this instance, it’s necessary to call a pest control expert to deal with this safely.

Disturbing a nest within your home can be dangerous and problematic as they have nowhere to fly to except inside your home.

How to locate a wasps nest

To find a wasp nest, you should observe which direction wasps are coming from. If you notice a pattern, you’ll likely discover their nest.

Once a wasp has enough food, they usually fly back to the nest immediately. Try placing some food outside, such as cat food, or tinned fish, so you know that a wasp has been fed once it flies away.

You should never try to remove the nest yourself. Most DIY methods are dangerous and provoke wasps to attack you and others nearby. Nests can house hundreds or even thousands of wasps at one time; therefore, you could be facing a swarm of wasps stinging you.

Always call a professional pest controller such as Pest Removal Expert who has the knowledge and skill to safely remove the nest without endangering themselves or others.


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