How To Safely Remove a Wasp Nest

With a quick google search, you’ll discover a myriad of ways to remove a wasp nest. Everything from setting them on fire, throwing water, or hitting it with a baseball bat.

These suggestions are dangerous, as wasps are very aggressive when provoked. When you consider that hundreds or even thousands of wasps could be nesting then you could be facing a swarm of wasps, stinging you if you attempt to eradicate the nest yourself.

Instead, there are safer ways to deal with a wasp infestation, and we’ve outlined the best solutions for you below.

1. Call an expert

It’s the single easiest and safest way to remove a wasp infestation. They are more experienced and have protective clothing and equipment to avoid getting stung. They also have more powerful products than what is available to the public and can dispose of the nest safely so that it doesn’t cause further trouble.

2. Use Wasp Removal Products

As an alternative to removing the entire nest, you can use products from your local supermarket to kill the wasps inside their nest or encourage them to leave. However, you should only attempt this if the nest is small, and the product itself doesn’t contain ingredients that could harm other wildlife.

To be ultra-cautious, only attempt this method if you or anyone else in the vicinity aren’t allergic to wasp stings as there’s no guarantee you’ll avoid being stung.

3. Remove with a bin bag

This is a tricky method, and again it should only be used if the nest is small. Get a standard bin liner and cover the entire nest. Remove the nest from wherever it’s attached and immediately seal the bag. Throw the bag in an outside bin and ensure the lid is tightly placed. You should only attempt this at night when wasps are mostly inactive.

These DIY methods should be well planned to ensure maximum safety and success. Always leave yourself enough physical space to vacate the area if the wasps attack you. Ensure that your body is well protected, and your arms, hands, legs, and feet are fully covered to avoid being stung.

Although it may make sense to use a torch, it’s best to avoid using any light source as this can arouse the wasps. Finally, keep children and pets away to avoid being attacked.

If the nest is too big, or you feel it might be dangerous to tackle it on your own, then call a professional pest controller to safely eradicate the wasp infestation.


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