Where Do Squirrels Go In Winter, And What Do They Do?

Recent weeks have seen a lot of squirrel activity. Just as we are preparing for colder weather, squirrels are as well.

Grey squirrels sleep in a tree nest during the winter and only venture out in the mornings and evenings. As opposed to hibernating, they survive the long, cold winter by building tree dens and nests, storing fat reserves, and eating stored food.

These large impressive nests may have caught your eye when you looked high into trees this time of year. Currently, the tree’s leaves have fallen off, allowing you to see the nests more clearly. In shallow holes near trees, grey squirrels store acorns, nuts, berries, and tree bark for the winter.

The animals maximize body mass and food consumption for the winter. They bury acorns and nuts for winter food in holes dug in soil. Grey squirrels and ground squirrels can be distinguished by their tails. The grey tree squirrel has a bushier tail which helps it balance while running up and down trees.

In Winter, Where Do Squirrels Live?

When it comes to squirrels, you might be wondering where they live in winter. The answer is: wherever humans live, which may include your home.

It’s very common for squirrels to build nests in our homes and store food nearby in order to survive the harsh winter. Some squirrels also build nests to raise their young. In most cases, squirrels will take up residence in your attic, garage, or wall cavities after they gain access to your home.

In spite of their cute appearance, squirrels are capable of causing real damage to your property, attracting other pests, and spreading diseases.

The Facts You Need To Know:

– Winter hibernation isn’t the norm for all squirrels
– During winter, grey squirrels sleep in tree nests or nests within our homes
– Nuts, acorns, and berries are stored by squirrels for the winter
– You should act quickly if you suspect an infestation

Common ways to keep squirrels away are:

– Access points to your home can be sealed with mesh
– Tree branches that overhang your roof should be trimmed
– If your home has cracks or holes, seal them up
– Make sure all doors and windows are tightly sealed and closed properly
– You can humanely catch and relocate squirrels using rat traps

During this time of year, take a moment to observe any squirrels you see and you’ll notice that they work extremely hard.

Winter brings long, cold, and snowy days for squirrels too!

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