What Can You Do To Keep Your Home Pest-Free This Winter

A warm home becomes a haven not only for you and your family during the cold winter months but also for all living creatures nearby.

If your home has any openings or crevices through which these creatures can enter, any kind of creature will try to find a way in.

Here are a few tips to deter rodents and insects from making nests in your house.

Spider-proofing your home

Some spiders, such as the Brown Recluse, are harmful to humans in the UK, but the majority are harmless. Check all window frames, doorways and pipes to see if they need to be sealed.

You should then work on decluttering all corners of your house after the perimeter is well sealed. If you remove any clutter from your home, you give spiders fewer places to hide. They prefer to hide in dark, damp areas.

The best way to prevent rodents?

There are many pests around our homes that we would prefer to avoid, including mice and rats, but they can easily be prevented.

When you or your neighbours have not been properly caring for your rubbish bins or if the bins overflow, leftover food becomes easy to find. Having a spotless kitchen and disposing of your food in secure bins outside your home is the best method of prevention. They will move on quickly if they can’t find food in your home.

Squirrels in the attic

A squirrel loves an attic because it radiates a lot of heat. The only thing they would need is a small hole through which they can fit, and they could soon live there. Pests can also gain access through chimney vents.

You may not realize squirrels are in your house until you hear their noises, and even then, they may be hard to locate as they are adept at eluding humans.

In order to prevent squirrels from returning to your home in future, hire a pest control service to ensure squirrels are completely removed and the property is well sealed.

For your home to remain insect-free during the warm winter months, here are a few tips

If any openings in your house are not sealed up tight; repair or caulk them. Locate cracks on the exterior of your home that might allow bugs to enter. Tiny creatures may also enter through window frames, attic ventilation screens, vinyl siding or other siding edges.

Don’t forget to close the garage door and the windows. A door that’s open is an open invitation for flying insects like bees.

Don’t let lawn debris pile up around your house. If you have a house close to the ground, rakes, compost piles, and grass should be placed far away. Keep stacks of wood or firewood away from the house. Having this wood so close to your home means that insects are more likely to gather there, which can make it easier for them to get inside your house.

Install an insecticide barrier around your home. You can find effective products at many home centres and hardware stores, as well as consult an exterminator.

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