Pests That Have Developed Immunity To Pesticides

Nowadays, pesticides are commonly used for a variety of reasons. Crops can be enhanced, and home pest infestations can also be controlled.

As pesticides and insecticides are used repeatedly with the same mode of action, pests can develop resistance. Here are some of the pests that have become immune to some of the traditional pest control chemicals used in homes and businesses in the Bournemouth area.


The super rat – a strain of rat that has evolved to resist pest control – may have already been mentioned to you. Most pesticides used in the UK don’t work on them. They are resistant to the toxins in pesticides due to evolution and mutations in their DNA.

Rat populations have increased massively across the country because of this increase in immunity. As a result, rat infestations are being tackled alternatively using rat traps. However, these are inefficient compared to pesticides, so more powerful chemicals have been developed as a more effective solution.


A genetic mutation has also enabled mice to develop immunity to pesticides, just like rats. Overused chemicals have become useless for controlling some mice infestations.

Mice are usually controlled with pesticides that contain warfarin. Anticoagulants prevent clots from forming in humans but cause fatal bleeding in mice. Nevertheless, mice can often survive warfarin because of evolution.

Bed Bugs

There has been a long history of bed bug resistance to many pesticides. Despite their short reproductive cycles and resistance to most poisons, they are notoriously hard to treat with chemicals. Because of this it is now most effective to eliminate bed bugs with heat treatment or steam treatment.


A cockroach’s long life span of approximately 100 days, as well as its large number of genetic mutations, means that they are highly resistant to common pesticides.

Many experiments have been carried out to learn why cockroaches are resistant to pest control chemicals. Researchers found that none of the common pesticides tested on the cockroaches in the experiment had any effect at all.

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