Pest infestations can by caused by these plumbing leaks

Since crawl spaces and unfinished basements are moist, it is common to find insects and rodents in these areas.

Pests that enjoy moist areas include mice, rats, cockroaches, booklice, ants, cockroaches, and other insects.

The following are a few key plumbing issues that may cause a build up of moisture in the house, which could attract pests.

#1: Leaky Taps

You may not even see that taps on sinks are leaking near the handles or where the piping connects, or they they may drip with a noticeable steady drip. All parts of the tap should be inspected every month, as well as areas under the sink you don’t see every day.

#2 Water Utilizing Appliances

Each time a dishwasher or washing machine is used, it consumes water. If either is old or malfunctioning, a leak may develop. Ensure that these are functioning properly and call someone out if they start malfunctioning.

#3: Basement Plumbing

Most of the plumbing in homes with basements runs through this area. Moisture in unfinished basements makes them a prime location for pest infestation. When the plumbing starts leaking, moisture and the risk of infestation will increase. Keep an eye on the plumbing for leaks, and if there is a finished basement, watch for brown stains that dripping pipes might cause.

#4: Water Heater Maintenance

If a water heater is not properly maintained or a part breaks, it can leak easily. You must have this fixture serviced by a plumber every year to help prevent leaks.

As you can see, an important part of keeping your home pest-free is paying attention to the plumbing to avoid providing the ideal environment for pests to thrive.

The signs of pest infestations in your home

It would help if you looked for these signs that indicate pests have already infested your home after learning what types of pests are attracted to water and common sources of leaks.

Holes or Bite Marks

The furniture, floors, or walls of your home may show bite marks or holes made by rodents. As well as climbing and causing damage that way, rats also lay a lot of droppings, so watch out for them on your furniture.

Fabric and furniture damage

No one can deny the fact that rodents enjoy chewing on things. Rodents or other pests may have gained access to your home if you find damage to your carpets, curtains, couches, or walls.


Nests for rodents can be made from shredded paper or fabric. If you see these signs, rodents may have taken up residence in your home, particularly around appliances and in dark corners of cabinets where mice and rats usually hide out.

Final Words

Plumbing leaks are inevitable for every homeowner. Whatever the leak source, whether from the kitchen or bathroom taps or in the basement plumbing, these leaks can attract pests into the house, which creates an even greater problem. So check for leaks regularly!

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